Top 10 Camping Lawn Games

Let’s face it; we Canadians are one hardy bunch. So when it comes to summer, we need to capitalize on the warm sunshine and get outside, a lot. Enter the importance of the Yard Game… you might know them as Lawn or Beach Games. Go way back, and you might remember one particular insanely fun game called Lawn Darts that started it all. Sadly this classic game was banned because of issues surrounding throwing a pointed metal ‘arrow’ into the sky and hoping it lands in a small circle target.

We at White Sands Campground love outdoor games and have assembled our very own Top 10 list. All games can be purchased, but we have provided links for DIY instructions if you feel like saving a little cash.

1. Kan Jam

This game has become very popular over the years. The primary concept is to throw frisbees at garbage cans, but trust us it’s way more fun than it sounds. Kan Jam can be purchased at your local Canadian Tire or save some money by making your own. All you need are two Rubbermaid garbage cans and two Frisbees.

2. Ladder Golf (A.K.A. Testicle Toss or Monkey Balls)

What’s more fun than watching people toss balls attached to strings? You tossing balls attached to strings. Ladder Golf is a fun team game with very easy rules. You and your friends will spend hours playing this game. Learn how to assemble and play Ladder Golf here.

Ladder golf

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3. Corn Hole

We have all played some form of beanbag toss as a child, but we’re adults now so here’s the grown-up version. Corn Hole has become popular among the masses and is very easy to construct and play. Instructions can be found here.

Corn Hole

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4. Bocce Ball

An oldie, but a goodie. This classic lawn game can keep you busy for hours. Want to meet some people in the campsite next to you? Toss your target ball (the jack) in their direction for an excuse to talk. Unfortunately, you will have to purchase this game. For complete rules click here.


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5. Beersbee

4 wooden dowels, 4 solo cups and 2 frisbees. That’s all you need to play this game. It’s another classic where you will find yourself throwing frisbees at objects. You can spend the money to buy your “official” game, or make your own. For a complete set of rules for this fun game click here.


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6. Lawn Twister

This game is an excuse to get close with the cutie you’ve been eyeing. All you need is a circular stencil, 4 different colours of spray paint and a Twister spinner which you can conveniently download as an app on your phone and bingo… get twisted. You can find a full tutorial here.


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7. Texas Horseshoe

We all know what horseshoes are, but do you know what Texas Horseshoe is? For DIY instructions and rules click here.

texas horseshoe

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8. Giant Beer Pong (A.k.A. Volleybeer) 

It’s just as it sounds. We’ve all found ourselves at a party with a beer pong tourney taking place. This time replace those red solo cups with trash cans and use a volleyball as your ping pong ball. Bigger is always better. Find the rules here.

Beer pong

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9. Washer Toss

This fun game is small enough to keep in your trunk for when the time arises. Washer toss is similar to Texas Horseshoe but in a smaller package. Find the rules here.

Washer Toss

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10. Glow in the Dark Bowling

Don’t let the fun end once the sun goes down. Toss some glow sticks into 10 water bottles, set them up in pin formation and use any available ball you can find as your bowling ball.

Glow in teh dark bowling

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If you didn’t notice, all of these games can be played with a drink in your hand if you so chose. Are there any games we’re missing? Let us know in the comments section and we can add to the list.

The Fine Print:  The opinions expressed are those of White Sands Campground and are only a sample of how awesome Sauble Beach really is. There are lots of amazing opportunities for you to have a fun and safe camping trip. Please respect the natural environment, don’t litter and respect your neighbours to have the same amount of fun you are having. Of course, NEVER drink and drive, but you already knew that. Have a kick-ass camping trip at White Sand!

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