The Top 5 Restaurants in Sauble Beach that will cure any Hangover

We at White Sands Campground like to have fun. After a late night of lawn games, bursting out into random song and conga lines around the campfire; waking up with a hangover in a tent that has conveniently turned into a sauna from the morning sun is the last thing you want to experience. Sometimes the only thing that can get you through the day after a night of festivities is the perfect breakfast. We get it, we’ve all been there, and because of this we’ve picked our top 5 restaurants in Sauble Beach that will help cure that hangover so you can enjoy the beach the way you should.


DNL’s restaurant has been a Sauble Beach staple well… since Sauble was a beach. This is where the locals go year round for your traditional over easy bacon and egg, brown toast and home fries fix.

Must Have: D.N.L’s Breakfast (Bacon, Ham or Sausage and 2 eggs served with Texas Toast and home fries.

Price: $7-$10

Address: 329 Main St, Sauble Beach, ON N0H 2G0

TripAdvisor: “Awesome Breakfast.  We were camping early in the season this year and decided to come back here for breakfast, same old restaurant, same food, same great prices, same waitress, great food as always, and even better price, do check it out.” – Daniel F., Kitchener, ON

Amicis Coffee Bar

If coffee is the only way to keep you from dozing off the rest of the day, then Amicis Coffee Bar is your place. Forget Starbucks, this quaint coffee shop has a full selection of hot drinks for your morning jolt and delicious baked goods to go with it.

Must Have: Anything caffeinated and cinnamon roll

Price: $7-$12

Address: 207 Main St, Sauble Beach, ON N0H 2G0

TripAdvisor: “Great Coffee, nice staff and amazing patio.  Was up at Sauble beach this weekend and went to Amicis twice. The drinks were amazing and the baked goods were moist to perfection. The staff were also sweet and friendly. Great local vibe and a patio that is huge/ very close to the beach. Would recommend strongly.” – CanadianGal1990, Toronto, ON

Two Chicks Cafe

Famous for their evening acoustic sets and high test coffee, Two Chicks is the ideal morning after gig. No traditional bacon and eggs but tons of baked goodness with well-crafted caffeinated beverages.

Must Have: Egg  McToadie and Latte

Price: $4-$10

Address: 7 Second Avenue, North Sauble Beach, ON N0H 2G0

TripAdvisor: “Great Coffee and Quick bites by the beach.  We have been coming to sauble beach for years. This has been a fixture for a long time. They offer good solid coffee products and quick and easy food options.” – Tyler Z., Barrie, ON

1858 Caesar Bar

What’s a better way to cure a hangover than the hair of the dog? Visit the 2nd location of Canada’s first Caesar bar and choose from a selection of over 45 unique Caesars, or build you own custom Caesar.

Must Have: Fan favourite Maple BBQ; Breakie, a traditional Caesar topped with all your favourite breakfast items; or Dry Mouth which is packed with electrolytes to get you back up and at em’ in no time.

Price: $8-$20

Address: 111 Lakeshore Bvld N. Sauble Beach, Ontario 

Google Reviews: What a great spot at the 1858 Caesar Bar! Caesars are excellent!!! A must go for anyone! Met the owners of the bar while we were there and the experience was top tier!” – Terry W.

Luscious Bakery & Deli Cafe

If sugary, buttery, sticky buns jump start your system then this is the place for you. Combined with some great coffee, you will have the fuel for another full day of bocce ball at the beach.

Must Have: Savoury spinach & feta pastries, Chelsea Buns, Sticky Buns… who are we kidding everything’s a must have.

Price: $10-$14

Address: 103 2nd Ave N, Sauble Beach, ON N0H 2G0

TripAdvisor: “OH? EM! GEE!  The Chelsea Buns are legendary, and the breads are mouth-watering. But when we stopped in this morning for a coffee after our walk on the beach, I picked up a cherry danish. It’s something I never do, and I have no idea why I did it this morning.  But it was THE best pastry, never mind Danish, that I have ever eaten.” – Olga T

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