Top 5 Reasons You Need to Camp at White Sands in Sauble Beach This Summer

Like you need one excuse to get to Sauble and camp this summer; we decided to give you five, so there’s no excuses 😎. At White Sands we think everyone should camp with us, and here’s why:

1. Sauble Beach is just plain cool

Campers and beach goers have been flocking to Sauble for generations. Why, because it is one of those nostalgic places where that walk on the beach at sunset with your bestie, or that game of frisbee, or that sandcastle are the things that movies are made of… literally (Beach Blanket Bingo anyone?). 

At White Sands we love our local 11km beach like nobody’s business and hope you can create your own memories on it too.

2. A reason to hang with friends and family

We get it, life’s busy, and sometimes we don’t get the quality time we deserve with our favourite people. White Sands provides the perfect hangout for you to reconnect with your squad. A place where you can frolic outside in nature and have fun with those you care about most.

3. Our camp is real perty

We take great pride in our little slice of Sauble paradise and are proud to share it with you. From the flower baskets at the entrance, to the fresh cut grass, and maintained washrooms, nothing screams home away from home like White Sands.

4. The best campfires

A campfire forms the foundation of every great camping trip, and a campfire requires one main ingredient… really dry hardwood. White Sands is proud to offer “Joe’s Good Wood” which is dried for a full year and bagged (or wheelbarrowed) onsite by our team of little wood minions. We take great pride in ensuring your fire is always ‘lit’ at White Sands.

5. The rules

Our number one rule is to have the best time humanly possible while camping at White Sands. But, (and there is always a but), never let that experience negatively impact your fellow campers. It’s that simple. You can listen to music, stay up late, sing campfire songs and play lawn games until your arms fall off, just be respectful of each other. Afterall camping is all about peace and love (insert sappy love song here).

So there are five reasons, to get your butt (with two t’s) to Sauble this summer. You deserve it, and we can’t wait to see you.

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