The Top 5 Campfire Alternatives – While under a fire ban

We all love hot dry summers here at Sauble Beach, Ontario Canada. There is nothing better than camping and hanging at the beach with friends along Lake Huron. But sometimes all that sunny weather comes with a risk – the risk of forest fires. When the local fire chief imposes a fire ban on the region (including campfires), we take it seriously.

Trust us, we know how much a campfire is part of camping life, so in the event of a fire ban, we’ve created the top 5 ultimate campfire alternatives. If you have another option that works, please leave it in the comments below.

    1. Faux Fire (Battery Powered)

    We all know how fast Amazon ships and if you are in a pinch, place the order for this battery operated Faux Fire and you never know it could be sent right to your campsite. Simply place the 10-inch kettle inside the existing fire ring at your campsite and sit back and enjoy. Don’t forget the batteries.

    1. The Classic Cardboard Cut Out Fire

    Okay yes, the best option here is to have craft time and have the kids make it, but yes, you can actually buy one on the internet and have it shipped right to your campsite. This is the least maintenance option requiring no power, just don’t go throwing a bucket of water on it.

    1. Campfire Essential Oils

    Everyone loves their essential oils, so why wouldn’t there be a campfire scent. For only $7 dollars you can turn your diffuser into a wood smoking machine, and if you have one with LED mood lighting, just set that in the fire ring and sit back and take a deep breathe. Combining this with all other options listed here also adds the olfactory dimension.

    1. The Classic Campfire Channel

    We all remember the “Fire Log Channel” at Christmas time, so why not flip on the Campfire Channel. Simply play this video on your favourite electronic device, crank the sound and feel the warmth. A finely tuned Bluetooth speaker pairs well with this option for full effect. WiFi or data charges may apply.

    1. Campfire App

    Since everyone just stares at their phones while sitting around a real campfire anyway, just download the Campfire App, and build and stoke your own virtual fire in the palm of your hand.

    Always Read the Fine Print: Fire bans should always be taken very seriously. We do not want our campground, neighbourhood, or the beautiful Bruce Peninsula to burn down just because you wanted to roast your weenie and then went to bed and a wind picked up and blew hot embers into the bush.  You would feel pretty bad no matter how good that hot dog tasted. Fire Ban = one of the creative solutions above or just play games inside your tent. 


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