About Sauble

Sauble Beach

Sauble Beach has been a favourite summer hangout for generations. Each summer, thousands of people make their way to Sauble to enjoy its 11km long sandy beach and laid back beach town vibe. There are many reasons why you should make Sauble your summer hangout destination, but we thought we’d give you our top 10:

1. Sauble Beach is the second longest freshwater beach in the world. This means there’s lots of room for your group to spread out to enjoy the surf and sand.

2. If you’re looking for an amazing Instagram photo op, Sauble is known for its world famous sunsets.

3. Eat your way around Sauble’s great selection of local eateries.

4. Get wet trying stand up paddle boarding with iSUP Saugeen or kiteboarding with Kiterider Canada.

5. Peruse the little beach shops along the main strip where you can find souvenirs, beach wear and cottage decor.

6. Want to try something new? Visit Sauble Speedway for some high energy stock car racing. Races take place every Saturday night, and Sundays on long weekends throughout the summer.

7. Once the sun goes down, look up. Sauble Beach is far away from the glow of the city lights which makes for extraordinary star gazing.

8. Get your squad’s photo underneath the iconic Sauble Beach sign.

9. Rent a Sea Doo, bikes or water toys at the Sauble River Marina.

10. Lounge in the river at Sauble Falls, just a few minutes from the camp.

Did we mention Sauble Beach was made for long weekends.

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Please respect the natural environment and Sauble’s beautiful beach. To maintain this popular summer destination, we need all visitors to do their part and not litter, leaving the beach in the same if not better condition it was found. Of course NEVER drink and drive, but you already knew that.  Have a kick ass time at Sauble!